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This section covers common questions asked by our customers regarding signage, and large format printing

A. This will depend on the type and size of the sign you are having, if you are doing a like for like replacement then it is more than likely that you wont. If however you are installing a totally new system it is a good idea to speak to the council to see if you need planning permission.

Q. Do I need planing permision

A. Yes we are happy to do this, however we will not guarantee any work fitted into or onto existing systems as we have no knowledge as to how it was fitted in the first place so cant guarantee against panels blowing out or electrics being faulty.

Q. Will you fit new graphics into existing systems?

Q. How long will my shop sign take to design and install?

A. Again this depends on the type of system, but generally speaking between 1 & 2 weeks. If the job is more detailed then it can take longer but if required we can install temporary banners to cover you whilst the main signs are made.

A. With most of our work there are no extra costs, however it is impossible to tell what is behind an old fascia until it is removed, usually on the day of installation. If on removal we find rotton wood, or structual damage we will then give you the option of repairing this or letting us repair it, all this extra work will be charged for and if it is serious damage then we will advise you to get a builder in to make good prior to any signs being fixed. If this extra work requires us to re-visit the site to install at a later date then a further fitting charge may be incurred.

Q. What extra costs are involved?

This involves our sign maintenance team visiting your premises twice a year and thoroughly cleaning your sign.

This involves our sign maintenance team visiting your premises once a year and removing the sign panels and wiping them down

Please call to discuss any requirements you may have


Cleaning Package

Lighting Package

Sign Repair

Frequently asked questions

Shop and Building signs

Vehicle signs

Q. How long will it take to get a design back?
A. From receipt of a deposit we try to turn designs around within 24-48 hours. If however we are going through a busy period it can take longer.

Q. i Like you designs but can i get another company to use them?
A. The only way you can do this is to pay and artwork release charge to cover the cost of the time spent on the design

Q. How long will you need my vehicle for?
A. Usually we will need your vehicle for 3-4 hours, however if it is a wrap then we will need it for a complete day.

Q. How long will it last?
A. we only use high quality vinyl so you can expect at least 5-7 years. For printed vinyl the lifespan of the solvent inks used is usually around 2-3 years but with a good laminate on top can be extended by another year at least.

Q. How do i remove the vinyl if i need to sell the vehicle?
A. We can do this for you at a charge of £40 per hour (a typical van takes approx 5 hours) however if you want to do this yourself then you can heat the vinyl up with a hairdryer and peel of the vinyl, removing any old glue residue with mentholated spirits.

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